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he didn’t notice
he couldn’t tell
she was broken before
she yelled at him
her eyes teary
I don’t want you anymore
she didn’t want him
she didn’t love him
she didn’t need him anymore
it was over
she just knew it
though it hurt
such a strong and childish love

Dear John,

People say that we can’t work out. We’re just two kids. It’s not worth the try. But before we walk away from what we can’t either say or define, I must let you know. We might have just been two kids, but i was not afraid to fall. Thought you would catch me. Guess foolish love can prove us wrong sometimes.

She’s so gone.

She walked away from that past
She felt haunted all the time
But the memories were there and they sang
They whispered sad melodies to her
While she cried herself to sleep at night
She would never be the girl she used to be
Her reflection and her heart, broken and shattered
As she laid shaking on the cold ground
She couldn’t walk away again
Self hatred was her friend and that stuck around
As she held a photograph of herself
While her wrist was stained red
She shed a tear and faked a smile
” She’s so gone.
She’s not coming back. “


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That day she realized
No one really cared anymore
It brought tears to her eyes
She was utterly alone
On her way home, people asked
She kept replying ” I am fine “
Her mother wasn’t home
And she was tired of her life
Got to the bathroom
Seeking for her good old friend
As she whispered
” It’s been a while “
She took the razor blade in her hand
Squeezed it really hard
Watching red velvet falling to the ground
She slit both her wrist, crying hard
As she heard her mother’s call
She yelled ” I’m sorry. I tried. “


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